Horrific Thoughts was founded on the belief that we can all overcome our struggles and get through the hardships we come across by supporting each others journeys and embracing our passions.

Fear is a normal part of life, whether it is something that completely consumes us, or something we can brush off with ease. Regardless of where we stand, when it comes to fear we all fall victims to it sooner or later, at times like this it is easy to lose all hope.

We are here to extend a helping hand. Although we can’t personally help everyone, as much as we would love to, we are here to show you some support and remind you that no matter how bad things may get we will always have art to fall back on.

Wearing Horrific Thoughts is an enthusiasm to embrace your struggles. It's for a breed of people devoted to overcoming their fears and hardships, and also those questioning the way things are. People who wear Horrific Thoughts are more than customers; they are a part of a community, the Horrific Thoughts Family. 

In 2011 Horrific Thoughts was created by “King” Pablo with major backing from his best friend Ariel, his brother Nestor, and his good friend Inzoe, (1988-2012). Horrific Thoughts was created in the Inland Empire, Southern California. Currently Horrific Thoughts is closely associated with the underground music community, mainly in the Hip-Hop and hardcore genres, and a few other individuals in the art community in Ontario. Stick around, we’re about to blow!